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Role Models Don’t Tell – They Do

Role Models come in many different shapes, sizes and forms and are so significant in our lives that they often have a profound and lasting impact, sometimes without even knowing it.

I am so fortunate and grateful to have a wonderful Dad in my life to look up to and love.  He may not always put into words all the things that he’s thinking or feeling but I know without a doubt that he cares deeply and listens without judging and will always be there.

In some ways, I think my Dad knows me better than just about anyone.  He knows that when I set my mind to do something, I’ll find a way to do it.  He knows that I won’t back down to a challenge or a puzzle and will persist stubbornly until I find the solution (preferably before anyone else!)   He knows that I’ll spend whatever time is needed to get something ‘just right’.  He knows that I’ll fiercely defend and protect and support those that I love, even though I might not always agree with them.

He knows because more often than not, it’s exactly what he’d do, too.

I’ve watched and learned and grown so much thanks to my Dad.  He encourages me to always follow my heart, to always seek new challenges, to always strive to be the best that I can be, even when if it means I’ll be miles away from him in another country.  He may not like it but he always supports and encourages, and makes every effort to somehow help it all work out.

I shouldn’t be surprised.  My Dad is part of a long line of great men in my life; men of character, men of strength, men of principle.  They are my uncles, my brothers, my cousins, my colleagues, my mentors, my friends, my husband.  I love and admire them, quirks and all.  Whether they know it or not, each of these wonderful men have had an impact on my life.

I am so fortunate and grateful to have the benefit and wisdom of a great Dad and many wonderful Father Figures in my life.  I am thankful that my son will also have such positive and strong role models to admire and look up to.  They won’t tell him what to do, but rather will do it, and their impact will be that much more significant for having done so.

Happy Father’s Day!

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About Jacqueline Ross, CCIM

Jacqueline Ross, CCIM is an experienced investor, educator and real estate professional. She founded Investment Strategies, Inc. to help property owners and investors nationwide strategically plan to create income, build wealth and achieve personal and financial goals. Learn how to tap into 'lazy' equity and get your investments working for you.


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